Who We Are


Mercurial Theatre formed in 2016 as an experimental, speculative theatre company based in Austin, TX.

Inspired by classic radio and films of noir and mystery, suspense and horror, and actors and directors of stage and screen alike, we set out to create unique, memorable experiences.  

Richard Anthony, Dan Wolff, Justin West (Photo: Lauren Giebitz)

Richard Anthony, Dan Wolff, Justin West (Photo: Lauren Giebitz)


Our stories, be they original works or complex distillations of seemingly unadaptable origin, are a reflection of our communal personality. We're never comfortable with what's safe, instead choosing always to do what scares us the most.

It's our aim that within each production you'll find something to identify with. Something to ponder. Something that follows you home and that maybe, just maybe, might keep you up at night.


Dan Wolff

Artistic Director, Co-Founder

Dan is a writer and artist from Cincinnati, OH with a degree in Visual Communications and storytelling. He has written numerous plays, scripts, novels, and comics, and has created graphic work for productions, companies, and graphic novels. His focus is on crafting engaging stories that bear emotional weight and ideological complexity.


Justin West

Director of Production, Co-Founder

Justin is a lifelong performer and writer. Following a career in gaming journalism, Justin spent years on stage as a (terrible) stand-up comedian before returning to his theatrical roots, reading with the San Diego Shakespeare Society. Justin since starred in productions for Sam Bass Theatre and Bottle Alley Theatre Co, and frequently contributes reviews and commentary to Central Texas Live Theatre.


Richard Anthony

Creative Director, Co-Founder

Richard is an actor, writer, musician, and filmmaker. An active participant in the Austin film community for over a decade, Richard has produced and directed music videos and documentaries, and starred in numerous critically acclaimed theatre and film productions for local and national artists. Richard also contributes his time to the Austin Film Society and the Texas Film Commission.