November 3-5, 10-12, 17-19

Doors: 7:30pm - Curtain: 8pm

@ First Street Studio
2400 East Cesar Chavez St., Suite 202
Austin, TX, 78702


As a troubled young woman finds her way into The Fellowship, she makes the painful discovery that this leader, and the group she’s unwilling and unable to leave, are not as benevolent as they seem...

Applying actual methods used to attract and indoctrinate members into popular modern-day cults, All the Good People is an immersive theatrical exploration of the power of faith and suggestion. Guided audience interaction interjects the non-linear narrative of this performance-driven piece, aiming to challenge audiences' preconceived notions on indoctrination and belief.

Nov 3-5
Nov 10-12
Nov 17-19
Doors @ 7:30pm
Curtain @ 8:00pm


First Street Studio
2400 East Cesar Chavez Street
Suite 202
Austin, TX, 78702


Sarah Green
Tim Olivares
KarieAnn Randol
Harold Fisch
Richard Anthony
Amber Wilson
Robert Bills

written and directed by Justin M. West
lighting design Tim Olivares


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