Who We Are

Tim Olivares

Tim Olivares

Tim is an actor, writer, musician, and director, whose journey into theatre started at the age of nine and led him to a B.A. in Theatre with a minor in Creative Writing from Steven F. Austin State University, where a performance of his play earned the Best Actor and Critic's Choice Awards. Tim has directed numerous plays, and contributed to dozens more, notably nine projects for Austin's Bottle Alley Theatre Company, with even more on the horizon.


Justin West

Following a successful career in gaming journalism, Justin became a mainstay on the Austin stand-up comedy circuit before returning to his theatrical roots, reading with the San Diego Shakespeare Society. After moving back to Austin, Justin became a member of Bottle Alley Theatre Company with fellow Mercurial co-founder Tim Olivares. Justin is the writer and director of Mercurial Theatre's second production, Let the Dead Now Speak.


Dan Wolff

Dan is a writer and artist from Cincinnati, OH, with a degree in Visual Communications and Storytelling.  He has written plays, scripts, novels, and comics, and has created graphic work for productions, companies, and graphic novels.  Dan's focus is on crafting engaging stories that bear emotional weight and ideological complexity. Dan was the director and adapting writer of Mercurial Theatre's debut, the surprise hit, The Color Out of Space.