What We Do

The Color Out of Space (2016) - Tim Olivares, Richard Anthony, Amber Hales, Justin West

Theatre is more than just a stage, a few performances and an audience. It is an escape from reality. It can be therapeutic. And it is one of the last bastions of disconnectedness, a place and time where we put away the cell phones and connect with one another on a deeper, human level. The way we always have.

A reflection of what makes us human, theatre is a natural part of our existence. Since the dawn of our species we have used this art form to share stories and experiences, to act out our communal hopes and fears. To teach. And to learn. To feel..




We are a "found space" theatre company, willing to perform in warehouses and alleyways, coffee shops and conference rooms. We believe in finding a place with a story to tell and inviting the audience to watch - and often participate - as we explore that story. 

We invite you to share each performing space with us as explore our similarities and learn from our differences, remembering that we are all one. We are all human. And we are all, each of us, Mercurial.



We value diversity in everything we do. Mercurial Theatre focuses on creating original material in various forms and media. We use a multitude of techniques to create theatrical experiences that are unique, immediate, and truthful. We seek individuals from all walks of life and experience who wish to use their talents in a collaborative arena.

Let the Dead Now Speak (2016) - Tim Olivares, Richard Anthony, Regan Goins, Justin West, Emily Villarreal, Dustin Velasquez, Lauren Giebitz, Amber Wilson, Dan Wolff